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Upon becoming a member of Alpha Phi, your sisters are more than just friends, they are a life-long family. Sisterhood is the inclusion of every individual and the unconditional support of your sisters, continuing far beyond your college years. The Zeta Gamma chapter is made up of women from all backgrounds who come together to create community for one another.


Representing all aspects of campus, we have members with diverse interests and areas of study. Our 170 members include student government presidents, club founders and leaders, engineers, ROTC, club sports athletes, theater superstars, admission office Student Ambassadors, study abroad explorers, EMTs, certified fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, and overall well-rounded young women. 

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What’s one of the best parts about being a member of a sorority? The amount of academic help you can get just from reaching out to your sisters. With members representing every school on campus and a wide variety of majors, you can always rely on other Alpha Phis for tutoring, class and professor advice, and purchasing and selling old textbooks. 

During each finals week, the chapter gives sisters green books, scantrons, and study rooms in the library, stocks them up with snacks, and hosts stress-relieving activities like yoga classes at the house. 



Zeta Gamma has not just one, but two next-door houses, known to the Santa Clara community as Silver and Bordeaux. Sisters can live in as early as sophomore year and certain members of the Executive Board live in during their term. 

Members can be found watching movies on the Big Grey Couch (BGC) in Silver, baking cookies in the kitchen of Bordeaux, or laying out in the sun on the grassy lawns connecting both houses. Nine Zeta Gamma members reside in Silver while six women call Bordeaux their home. 



Aside from our chapter-wide philanthropy events, Zeta Gamma is committed to service in our surrounding community as well as the greater Bay Area. Whether it is volunteering with The Princess Project to provide young women with free prom and graduation dresses, helping provide families with nutritious food and food resources through Second Harvest Silicon Valley, or being involved with Santa Clara University's Forge Garden, our members have immersed themselves in a variety of service opportunities. 

Some of our member's favorite service opportunities are our quarterly beach cleanup in Santa Cruz, CA.

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